Spēka lift trenažieris ar rokturi un solu, stiprinās pie sienas KSSL017


Pēc pasūtījuma, 5-10 dienas

Spēka lift trenažieris ar rokturi un solu, stiprinās pie sienas KSSL017


Spēka lift trenažieris ar rokturi un solu, stiprinās pie sienas


  • izmēri: 2000x1210x1100 mm;
  • profils 40x40x2 mm;
  • ar plastmasas pārklājumu, 3 mm diametrā, 180 un 200 cm garumā;
  • karabīņu un skavu komplekts;
  • nostiprināts ar 4 sienas spraudņiem;
  • maksimālā slodze 200 kg;
  • regulējams sēdeklis (40 cm diapazonā);
  • Iekļauts 1100 mm plats stienis;
  • komplektā iekļauts gumijas buferis;
  • izgatavots no augstas kvalitātes poļu tērauda;
  • pulverkrāsots;
  • iespēja uzstādīt rūtiņu plāksni un papildu rokturus.





Lat pull tower with two cable pulls for wall mounting with seat

This wall-mounted lat pull tower is the optimal training tool if you are looking for ways to complete a professional full-body workout. Everything has been thought of in the construction of this lat pull tower: maximum robustness, durability and a wide range of training possibilities. Here you can train your arms, back, shoulders, abdomen and even your legs optimally.


Lat pull tower: maximum training possibilities on one piece of equipment

The upper cable pulley is perfect for demanding workouts that optimally strengthen your upper body. The 110 cm long bar is curved at both ends so that your workout takes place under ergonomically perfect conditions. This allows for a comfortable grip and is easy on the wrists. Rubber coatings on the handles prevent slipping during each exercise. In addition, the lat pull tower is equipped with a rubber buffer: The impact of the bar on the metal plate is cushioned and the function of the training device is improved.

Keep control of your movements in every situation: Bearing wheels made of a special material with nine-millimetre-deep grooves ensure that the rope stays in place even if you abruptly let go of the bar. The pulleys have a diameter of 135 millimetres. Also notice that the four-millimetre-thick steel cable does not bend even after many training sessions, but stays in top shape, just like you




Comfortable seat

The comfortable foam-padded seat can be adjusted in a range of 40 centimetres and thus optimally adapted to your body size and the respective exercises. The hard-wearing surface is easy to clean.





Comfortable training

The cable pulley is equipped with plastic grommets to ensure a smooth motion and a safe, comfortable workout. The bar is 50 centimetres long in total (25 centimetres on each side), so you can use heavy weights or several light weights and precisely adjust the weight to each exercise. The diameter of the bar is a universal 21.3 millimetres, so you can easily use weights from different manufacturers.




Versatile exercises

Looking to bring even more variety into your workout? Then simply pull the additional steel cable included in the set through the lower pulley of the cable pull. The end of the cable pull is hook-shaped and together with the solid rubber buffer, ensures safety during your workout – even if you accidentally drop the bar.

Papildus informācija

Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 151 × 28 × 16 cm

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